RIP Indymac Bank

IndyMac's pitch for careers is not longer up, but is memoralized here in all its glory:

"Why Indymac
At Indymac Bank, we're all about performance. Working here is a great opportunity, but it isn't for everyone. We're a demanding, fast-paced, meritocracy where what you have helped achieved, and what you have helped Indymac to achieve, is what matters most. With over 8,000 employees across the country, our entrepreneurial spirit ensures that nothing is ever good enough, there is always work to be done, and the hardest workers and greatest achievers are the people who rise to the top. Indymac isn't for everyone, but if you want to work hard, add value every day, and be rewarded based on your merits, then Indymac just may be for you.

Indymac's success is built upon our six core values. Lots of companies have mission and value statements, of course, but Indymac's aren't lofty goals we hope to achieve someday. Rather, Indymac's values define our culture and serve as the roadmap to success in your career here. If you're serious about a career at Indymac, you need to understand our culture and values. What are our Everyday Values?

Since its incorporation, Indymac has grown to nearly $30 billion in assets and a market cap of nearly $3 billion. Indymac is always focused on the bottom line. We are committed to growing—becoming bigger, becoming better, and becoming more efficient and effective every day.

With a strong focus on building customer relationships and a valuable consumer franchise, Indymac is committed to becoming a top six mortgage lender in the U.S. by 2010, while maintaining annualized earnings per share growth in excess of 15 percent. The company is dedicated to continually raising expectations and conducting itself with the highest level of ethics."

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