All out of BSC

From the block timespan daily buy at AVG 3.75, i sold a block of Bear Stearns at 8, another at 13, and the rest is gone here at the under 11 mark. Always have open orders ready ahead of the rips. I placed mine around the 7.99 level, 12.99 level... (to get ahead of the block orders at the round numbers) Why did i post this specific set of trades? To prove the wisdom of the street and my technical signals never fail. I see the market pausing at this level. We might have one more rip to 13K and a failure and drop down to lower levels. The fundamentals of the economy are about to get worse, t... and generally things look crummy... Its time to rid the economy of waste and get lean and mean again. I've been hammering alot of code lately so my mind is fried. More posts later. My XHB is holding its own.. stop under technical support. GLD is a buy on big dips...

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