Bankers Losses so far

Bankers' write-downs
UBS$13.7 bln
Citigroup*$13.7 bln
Morgan Stanley$10.3 bln
Merrill Lynch$8.4 bln
HSBC$3.4 bln
Bank of America*$3.3 bln
Deutsche Bank$3.1 bln
Barclays$2.7 bln
Royal Bank of Scotland$2.6 bln
Credit Agricole$2.3 bln
Bear Stearns$1.9 bln
Credit Suisse$1.9 bln
JP Morgan Chase$1.6 bln
Goldman Sachs$1.5 bln
Wachovia Bank$1.1 bln
Lehman Bros.$0.8 bln
Total:$72.3 bln

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