3 of the 5 OC Housewives are just about BK

I NORMALLY DONT WRITE ABOUT such penguin media, but i think it shows something interesting going on. Society refuses to take blame for what is happening all around us. Bravo TV? or Bear TV?

Slade Smiley and girlfriend JO are basically in Chapter 11 and the house is in Foreclosure, Lauri's House has been on the market six months, no takers......(trying to marry into George because she's about had it.
Jeanna Keough (model for farm and tractor) with Remax real estate hasn't moved much property this year.

This is a facade, these gals are a gas tank away from BK. Yet Bravo presents them like high profile, successful, Frankenstein barbies.

**ON a side note, looks like the Goldman Short from the 250 range hit 201 today. The puts on that trade payed upwards of 600% for the 5 weeks or so that trade has been open. Take half the profits out now and move your stops to 215. Stay short Walmart.

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