Price at the pump powers new global liquidity

Middle East interests have seen 5 years of steady and growing margin expansion in their core oil exports. Today, that massive positive balance of trade with the world has garnered hundreds of billions in liquidity to these primarily OPEC Muslim powers. And at a recent conference, Arab leaders talked of western economies being more open to direct investment.

Five nations in the Middle East hold US$1.7 trillion in their central banks, the largest single concentration of assets in the world. The center of global wealth, Mr Alabbar added, is shifting from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, creating the right conditions for the new global champions from the Middle East and Asia and the basis for the new world economy.

“The Middle East has the liquidity, and should be given the opportunity to move into established and developing markets. Only when the large economies of the world take their foot off the brakes will growth advance.” The World Economic Forum’s inaugural Annual Meeting of the New Champions at Dalian, focused on the new generation of fast-emerging multinational companies, opened Thursday in the Chinese coastal city. Likened to a “Summer Davos,” the high-powered gathering of business, industry and government leaders has drawn more than 1,700 participants from 90 countries.

It is clear the the middle east is the new piggy bank of liquidity for the world. With it, religious and cultural ideologies will expand...

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