Perma Bears need to read this...

Some have sent emails to me regarding the recent moves in the market, and what is yet to come in the future. I am here to explain that I am not a bull in this environment. However, as a trader - the technicals will show you how to trade. Money has been moving into new areas of the markets and new currencies for over a month. I expect these trends to continue. But the market is NOT going to collapse. It had a chance to collapse in August and it didn't. This is the unforeseen power of intervention that gets the bears every time. Interventionists are looking for a SLOW landing, not a crash. And this is what will take place. Imagine for a moment 9-11. The conditions of the worldwide market during that week were worse then what we are experiencing now. THERE WERE NO BIDS, stocks bonds or anything, except currencies.... Again, as much as the bear has been pawing over this bad news, I agree - but the timing is much more forward in the future. I will explain some of it in the next post.

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