Goldman vs. BofA on Countrywide

Am I hearing this right? I believe that "Angelo M" will be ousted from the seat at Countrywide, with Goldman becoming lead shareholder of the resized company. I think that Goldman knows the stock is headed lower and much more pain is to come, and they know the timing really well. My speculative hunch is that a similiar sweetheart deal will be done with a syndicated headed by Goldman, at much better terms then the BofA plunge. Maybe it will be done somewhere in the vacinity of a 10 dollar strike?

"Reiterating its earlier statements regarding cash and liquidity needs, the company has already taken decisive steps to address the challenges arising in this environment and thereby enable Countrywide to meet its funding needs and position the company for continued growth and success."
Paulson and Company (off balance sheet partner) - The Treasury Secratary of the US?? Is going in with Goldman for a Countrywide run. TMZ dont have this kinda scoop!!!!!

Somehow Buffet will end up in all this deal... Time always tells.....

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