All eyes on the Penguin

For over three years, colleagues and myself have debated what has unfolded in the financial markets with differences of opinion. Although we all agreed that 2007 would mark the return of the bear markets in equities and bonds and a shift out of carry-trade currencies; The outcome and length of time was our disagreement. Dr. Vladovich foresaw the first real breakdown in Oct of 2007 with 2008 being the major cusp of financial debauchery. I still believe the worst pain is going to be after 2010, when global markets will finally retrace under the weight of the American Tax burdened, debt laden Penguin. And yes, IT has something to do with SUB-PRIME!!!

We shall discuss a primer on the issues that will plague us into the next decade, but for now - READ THIS LINK TO UNDERSTAND HOW WE ENDED UP IN THE FINANCIAL SITUATION WE ARE NOW FACING

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