Women face hurdles in venture-capital world

As women have made gains in the executive suite, those who dreamed of making venture investing their career have found more headwinds. A study conducted last year found that in 1995 there were 346 ``professional women'' -- partners, principals and associates -- comprising about 10 percent of the venture capital industry. By 2000, while that number had risen in absolute terms -- to 510 -- it fell as a percentage, to 9 percent.

The study also found that 64 percent of female venture capitalists in 1995 were no longer in the industry by 2000, almost double the turnover rate for men. The study was conducted by The Diana Project, which is associated with the Kauffman Foundation, a group that fosters entrepreneurship. More recent figures aren't available, although given the post-Internet bubble shakeout in the industry, it is likely that the situation hasn't improved.

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