No RISK Commodity Investments??

CIBC World Markets is pleased to announce the launch of the CIBC Commodity-linked Rainbow Deposit Notes, Series 1. CIBC Commodity-linked Rainbow Deposit Notes are principal protected notes linked to the performance of commodities.

This innovative six-year investment combines the potential returns of four of the most liquid commodities in the world - crude oil, copper, aluminum and natural gas - with the peace of mind offered by principal protection at maturity.

Traditionally, the commodity market has been difficult for the average retail investor to access and commodity prices tend to appreciate cyclically making it difficult to predict which commodity will perform well at any given time.

CIBC Commodity-linked Rainbow Deposit Notes provide a unique "rainbow allocation" feature. Variable interest payable at maturity is determined by "looking back" at the end of the six-year term at the change in commodity prices (positive or negative) and applying a greater weighting to the best performing commodities and a lesser weighting to the poorer performers.

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