New Search Technology for Web may be Huge for investors

This new technology - this new search engine - is completely different. It's what some experts describe as 'always-on search.'

Meaning: you don't have to tell your computer to look for information. It's always looking for information.

How does it know what to look for?

By first looking at what's in your computer - and what you're currently working on.

Say you've got a word document open and you're writing an article on the various assassination theories of JFK. Your computer will go out onto the Web, find relevant information and bring it back - without you asking for it.

And using this technology, your computer continues to search - by association.

As you accept certain documents and reject others, your computer learns which are more relevant and which aren't... and goes back out to find more information that is closer to what you're actually looking for.

This is a different kind of search. Called a Bayesian search.

It's based on a theory proposed some 300 years ago by a Presbyterian minister named Thomas Bayes.

The details of the theory are not important. What is important is this:

I believe it will become the new language of search engines.

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