My website has been down.....

WE MOVED THE SERVER TO A NEW T-1 LINE. My apologies to the readers of this site and blog. We have had many interruptions in the past few months and I believe I have resolved them. The server was moved to a faster line, and things should load up faster now. I am surprised to learn the different readers of this blog but when the site goes down I get the introductions very quickly.

We have also been coding our newest bilingual site, which should be in Beta in a few weeks.

President Bush is on vacation. Gold and Crude has been hitting record multi-year highs and liquidity throughout the world remains strong. This is a unique time in world history. I am still bullish on the macro world conditions into the next 12 months.... I believe we should 70 dollar crude before the fall. Then perhaps a pullback range from there. The fed will also continue to hike rates at least 2 more times. The stealth economy is stronger then anticipated. I don't think even a terrorist attack can stop this multi-economic bull from stopping. If your not making good money on some of these moves then you need to give me a phone call so we can discuss what is wrong with you!


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