The internet IS the FUTURE....

Entertainment Dollars Staying Closer to Home

Millions of Americans are choosing to stay at home for entertainment -- DVDs, video games, music downloads -- rather than go out to movie theaters and concert venues. "We can create entertainment ourselves," says one market researcher. "That's not a fad -- that's a fundamental shift."

Venture Capitalists Tune In to Podcasts

Silicon Valley venture capital funds are investing in two start-ups -- Podshow and Odeo -- that aim to popularize and commercialize podcasting. The investments represent a vote of confidence in podcasting, which some observers believe could transform commercial radio.

Donald Trump Launches Blog as Latest Media Venture

Donald Trump, the real-estate mogul and reality TV star, is launching a blog in connection with Trump University, the online education Web site begun in May. "If Donald Trump is blogging, then blogging is about as mainstream as it gets," says Jupitermedia research director Michael Gartenberg.

Video Gamers' TV Viewing Down, Says Report
World Screen News
Almost 25% of video gamers cut their TV watching time last year, and expect to cut it even further this year, according to Ziff Davis Media's annual digital gaming survey. "We're seeing a broadening of the gamer base as gaming goes more mainstream," says a Ziff Davis exec.

Web Sites Have Sex Appeal
TechWeb News
Men and women are very different in what catches their eye on the Internet, according to a study at the University of Glamorgan. Males favor the use of straight lines, as opposed to rounded forms, and few colors in the typeface and background. Women are nearly the opposite.

Internet Causes 'Fundamental Advertising Shift'
Financial Times
The Internet is pushing fundamental changes as advertising money shifts online and as consumer attention drifts from traditional media, says a new survey by private equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson. Traditional media companies are already stepping up their Internet acquisitions.

U.S. Brands Have an Image Problem
Disney and CNN are among the brands with the biggest declines in favorability among consumers worldwide, according to a study from market research firm Gfk NOP. However, Google, MSN and Yahoo are showing improvement in their likeability scores.

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