India - The Next Big Player

Bombay SENSEX Five year chart...

India is in China's position of 1980. It has a mind-boggling bureaucracy, poor infrastructure and a culture antithetical to rapid development. At the same time, it has the basic materials that China built on. As the Sino-U.S. relationship deteriorates, India can be a counterweight to China -- not in a military sense, but in an economic sense. If the United States has an economic alternative to China for investment, Washington develops leverage in its talks with Beijing on a host of issues. China, after all, still courts investment -- even as the Chinese buy anything that isn't Chinese.

If you had any doubts about the booming employment scene in India, here’s a global reality check. As per Manpower’s Global Employment Outlook Survey, India topped the list of all 23 countries, including other developing economies like China and Mexico, in employer’s expectations for additional recruitment for the forthcoming quarter. The quarterly survey, which captures employer’s intentions to increase or decrease the number of employees in their workforce during the quarter, revealed that while Indian employers have the most optimistic expectations, those in Switzerland reported the weakest hiring expectation.

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