George W. Bush is a Stellar Investor?

I just came across this link with some interesting information (facts?) regarding President Bush and his investments before taking the Oval Oath. For instance....

Or the one they cashed out on September 17, 1994, in Fort Worth. Three years earlier, Bush and his wealthy advisor had organized a consulting services partnership. The advisor provided the backing, and he asked W for only a token ante. Thanks to this deal, Bush's meager stake of just a few hundred dollars jumped to $45,512 - a mind-boggling 11,721% gain in just 36 months.

Deals like the one they'd made ten years earlier, on April 21, 1989 in Midland, Texas, when Bush and this confidante joined a handful of partners in an $86 million purchase. Nine years later, they flipped it for $250 million. Return for the partners (including Bush's investment advisor)? A cool $164 million profit.


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