Dr. Vlado Press Release! US Economic Doom near!

Went out to LA and the SF valley, and to south
OC talking to former clients...infrastructure
problems everwhere, oil is heading to $75, real
estate related jobs created 70% of the growth
in SoCal, China is going to start buying energy
companies outright...no longer will they continue
to keep the ponzi going buying U.S treasuries,
inflation is not in check as the U.S wants you
to believe, companies cannot cut expenses much
further, the real estate bust is starting phase
one.....flat with many listings and less than 16%
can qualify, and even commiting fraud no longer
makes sense, when the payment exceeds over 75% of
gross income.....the stock market should have a
short term euphoria maybe hit 11,000 before they
..realize the home equity wealth transfer has been
spent buy consumer driven media penguins who have
purchased (financed) everthing they could
see/read/hear in magazines, infomercials, internet,
etc. Remember this date july 2005 this is the
beginning of a 5 -7 year drought that will demolish
the U.S and the consumer reliance on credit....record
Bankruptcies, debt restructuring will cuase lenders
indigestion and loss of appetite........the US for
the first time in history will issue risky IOU's to
foreign creditors.....

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