The Coming Liquid Natural Gas BOOM!

Around the United States, there are plans to build another 43 new LNG import facilities. In fact, the United States is already on track to be the biggest LNG consumer in the world by the end of 2010.
Exxon Mobil Corp. just put the finishing touches on plans to build 28 new LNG tankers and supertankers...ConocoPhillips just bought into a huge new LNG terminal project in Freeport, Texas...Shell Oil Co. has its hands in new LNG import facilities all over the globe....Sempra Energy is spending $1.8 billion building two LNG terminals and pipelines in Baja California and Louisiana.
LNG takes up less room to store than regular natural gas. You can squeeze 600 cubic feet of the gas into just one cubic foot of the liquid
You can ship LNG more easily, especially by tanker. Which is key as North America's natural gas supplies fall. Demand for natural gas is set to soar by 30% over the next 10 years
LNG is a lot safer to transport and store, too. With over 33,000 LNG tanker voyages...covering 60 million miles and 45 years of LNG shipping...there hasn't been a single major accident with LNG. Not one
If there is an LNG spill on open seas, there's no cleanup involved. The supercooled liquid warms up, turns back into gas and dissipates in the air.
Natural gas prices might seem high. But compared to oil, the world is swimming in natural gas. But because raw natural gas is so hard to transport, much of it is just burned off or 'stranded' at the source. As much as 2,500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas per year gets wasted this way. Using new liquid natural gas technology to store and transport that 'stranded' gas would be like finding an extra 1.7 billion barrels of oil per year!
But even more important for power-starved countries, liquid natural gas gives gas-fueled power plants yet another cheap way to churn out cheap electricity. Just to keep pace, the electricity industry should burn twice as much natural gas by 2025. The International Energy Agency says energy companies are ready to invest $250 billion in the future of LNG.
Just in the United States alone, LNG demand looks like it will TRIPLE over the rest of this decade. Alan Greenspan calls LNG an essential "safety valve" for the power crunch ahead. And the White House is ready to throw huge money behind the LNG industry.
LNG will be one of the most important - and most profitable - energy sources in the century ahead. Buying in now is like buying into the future of petroleum when the first Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line!
Global LNG trade is already growing about twice as fast as world oil trade. Your opportunity to make money investing in the right LNG companies over the next 24 months is huge.
China will burn as much oil as America within 20 years. But its production is nearly flat. And it'll burn through its reserves in as little as 14 years! It's already importing 60% of what it needs.
That's double China's imports from five years ago. And nearly 40% more than just this time last year. Chinese oil demand is growing seven times faster than oil demand in the United States. Now, it's made deals with just about every oil producer in the world. Including a few of America's biggest enemies.

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