The coming HYDROGEN Economy?

George Bush and the automotive and energy industries all believe the 'hydrogen economy' is the secret key to breaking the iron grip OPEC has on the American economy.
The "hydrogen economy" runs on hydrogen-loaded fuel cells.
It's not hard to convert cars, trucks, ships and planes so they burn hydrogen in different forms. And hydrogen burns twice as efficiently as gasoline. Just 30 grams of hydrogen atoms hold as much energy as 100,000 gallons of gasoline. And a couple of pounds of pure water hold as much energy as 10 million gallons of gasoline!
The trick has been unlocking it. And cheaply. That's what researchers inside company and government labs are just now beginning to do. And this is huge.
The best and cheapest way to make and unlock hydrogen is a kind of high-temperature electrolysis. The most logical place to do this is inside a nuclear reactor. And the best-suited kind of reactor, for a few reasons, is the pebble-bed modular reactor - the PBMR - that we just talked about. The hydrogen is a bonus to electricity production.
From each reactor, you could get about 4.5 pounds of hydrogen per second. Used in fuel cells, that's enough to replace more than 800,000 gallons of gasoline per day! Of course, the world already uses a heck of a lot of gasoline. To get enough energy to satisfy expected global demand over the NEXT 20 years, says Dr. Steve Herring, of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, we need 4,000 NEW reactors!
Over the last 20 years, nuclear power was responsible for 90% of all reductions in CO2 emissions in the United States. Which is why James Lovelock, one of the scientists who discovered global warming, is urging world leaders to switch to nuclear power.
But we still worry about radioactive waste.
What most people don't realize is that 95% of the spent fuel from a reactor is recycled into new uranium for more reactors...4% is plutonium that can also be mixed with thorium and burned...and it's only the rest, about 1%, that needs to be stored.
And even there, there's an opportunity for you to get rich.
For instance, the same company that cleaned up Ground Zero and the Pentagon after Sept. 11 has discovered a whole new way to trap nuclear waste.
It's called "geomelting." It's a technique that traps waste in massive glass blocks. The blocks are harder than concrete, impenetrable and perfectly sealed for up to 1 million years. Some are calling this the holy grail of the nuclear-power industry!

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