Mexico Vs. US in Immigration Issues

President Vicente Fox said Thursday his government will formally protest recent U.S. immigration reforms, including the decision to extend walls along the border and make it harder for illegal migrants to get driver's licenses.
Fox didn't give details of Mexico's plan, but officials in his administration have raised the possibility of taking their case to the United Nations or other international organizations.
"We think it is useless to pursue walls, barriers, the use of force and violence," he said.
MY TAKE= "FOX'S lame duck administration was crushed by the PRI elitists before he took office. PRI will take over again and continue to steal the countries wealth from its people. Why does INDIA and NOT MEXICO have the economic growth and prospects, why do the people of Mexico not learn English AISLE in grade school by default. Why doesn't Mexico privatize PEMEX? As inflows from ex-pat's become the second biggest infusion of capital into Mexico, the government doesn't want to see that stop. When will MEXICO's people finally think FIRST CLASS and take over the country from the Elites and govern themselves. The recent victory of Mexico's National Soccer Team against the US in Mexico City might give the underdogs something to celebrate. The gracious people of Mexico are napping. What to do?? Get rid of those that stop progress, request US assistance in getting rid of the DRUG CARTELS, and privatize and educate the nation.

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