Loss of Mexico attorney general may hurt drug war

Attorney General Rafael Macedo -- liked by Washington for his tough line on drugs -- was forced out last week by Fox to allow a popular leftist mayor to run for president in 2006 despite legal charges hanging over him.
His replacement by lawyer Daniel Cabeza de Vaca, sworn in on Monday, leaves Mexico's crackdown on drug gangs along the northern border with a little-known man in charge just as killings and violence escalate."The fact we have a new attorney general with no experience in law enforcement will certainly have an impact," said Jorge Chabat, security analyst at Mexico's CIDE think tank.
Drug gangs regularly gun down rivals as they fight for control of smuggling routes for cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines to the United States.
While Macedo has jailed key drug bosses like Benjamin Arellano Felix and Osiel Cardenas, that has set off a desperate war on the border for market share left by the captured capos.
Some 400 people have been killed this year, many shot execution-style with their hands tied behind their backs, as upstart groups from the state of Sinaloa move in on territory controlled by the Gulf Cartel in northeast Mexico.

THE TALK about controlling the borders, the minutemen border campaigns, the media coverage of Governor Arnold's statement and more are really meaningless. Mexico is slowly become a anarchy state of feudal drug lord's who are taking over and corrupting everything from the government of Mexico to the Border Agents paid to protect our borders. I estimate that for every minute-man captured or repelled illegal crossing, there are 3x as many getting in THROUGH the permeable US Customs process along known border crossings. These drugs and corruption within Mexican politics are what is causing the fight of the poorest distraught from all over Latin America into the US. Stop the corruption and drugs, educate the population and attractive investments and the ILLEGAL problem will be minimized.

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