India and China can together reshape the world order

India and China agreed Monday to form a "strategic partnership," creating a diplomatic bond between Asia's two emerging powers that would tie together nearly one-third of the world's population. "The leaders of the two countries have therefore agreed to establish an India-China strategic and cooperative partnership for peace and prosperity," the statement said. The partnership would promote diplomatic relations, economic ties and contribute to the two nations "jointly addressing global challenges and threats," it said.
China, which is one of five members of the 15-nation U.N. Security Council with veto power, also signaled its support for India's quest for a seat in an expanded version of the powerful body. Both countries have been seeking to expand their influence as their economic power has grown. But Beijing, in particular, has been on a diplomatic initiative.
In the last week, Wen signed a cooperation treaty with Pakistan promising to help it resolve disputes with India. China is already Pakistan's main trading partner and a major military backer.
A day later, Wen was in Bangladesh, signing accords to help the poverty-ridden country. From there he flew to Colombo, offering to help Sri Lanka rebuild harbors, roads and other infrastructure destroyed by the December tsunami.
The diplomatic offensive is rooted in two things China desperately wants abroad: resources and tranquility.

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