Medical Costs and Presidential Election 04 USA

I picked up the Local Paper here at a Starbucks and read a story about a gentleman who had worked many years in his company; retiring and expecting to draw over $100,000.00 a year in a pension. BUT, His Company declared bankruptcy after his retirement. The government has taken over what is left and now he can only obtain a maximum of 22K a year. The worst part is at 62, his health coverage premium is running at 9K a year. This is requiring him to sell off real estate assets. There are 500,000 cases like his in this country currently.
This week I had an office visit with a wonderful lady of 51 who works for the County of Riverside. For whatever reasons, her county has opted out of the state Cal-Pers program and gone alone as a purchasing pool of 5,000 employees to a major provider. This provider has watered down the policy and offered coverage to her at $470 / month, not including family members.
The American Diet is also contributing to this issue, and I can forsee the day when litigation will be coming from people with heart issues attributing the problems to a major fast food companies menu.
We are at a pandemic level of risk and rising costs for healthcare in this country. Add to that the continuing rise of corporate unethical behavior and massive failures and things don’t seem too positive. The airlines are in a financial tailspin. The average American is starting to utilize interest only mortgages (at the rate of 10% total dollar volume, up from 2% last year) and we seem to keep putting off for tomorrow the issues of the day.
Today I also had the pleasure of finally watching M Moore’s F9-11. This documentary has a lot of information, correct or not. I have to admit this man has guts. And he has put something into the political process incumbents are always weary of, DEBATE.
As we enter the homestretch of what is proving to be a very divisive debate and election, a few things come to mind. I can’t recall an election where both candidates had such similar platforms yet differing opinions. It is clear to recognize that when voting in this country for these elected officials, health care costs NEED to be addressed by lawmakers. The idea that HMO’s, PPO’s, and drug manufactures running the show has been a complete failure for those who need these things the most. And the total litigation costs are clearly out of control, accounting for over 4% of GDP, by some estimates.
I reflect on these things with you only so that you may begin to realize that somewhere, somehow, someone is lying to you. It is YOUR responsibility to get this information and ACT on it. Yeah I know it’s the playoffs, MLS and football are more important– BUT HOW IMPORTANT is it to YOU. WHAT difference does it make whether the Dodgers or Angels win? Quite living through another mans jersey. Wake up to the economic terrorists that are threatening your very way of life! Please post comments here or in our forum. Have a great weekend!

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